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Book Name : An enquiry concerning Human understanding
Author Name : David Hume
Publisher Name : Oxford University Press
Review : "An Enquiry concerning Human understanding" written by Hume is a fabulous philosophical book dealing with Human understanding.In the beginning Hume says there are two types of philosophies.One which deals with Nature i.e Natural and the other one that deals with morality i.e Human nature philosophy.In this book,he discusses various points related to moral philosophy.He states the difference between ideas and impressions.As per his philosophy is concerned he says impressions are sensations while ideas are memories and imaginations.He then also explores the concept of probability.Probability is a higher chance of occurring something.He also clarifies the core reasons of taking place of disputes.He believes disputes on the particular subject are verbal arguments that are based on lack of prior agreement of definitions.He has shared all the concepts that deal with the human understanding.He also talks about the psychology of beasts.According to him,Beasts differ from Humans when compared with mental faculties like to grasp concepts,matters,subjects clearly.Beasts also like Humans have the tendency to deal with the cause and effect of an event.He also elaborates his epistemology on the skeptical behavior of Humans and their testimony.His book of great epistemology is a deep subject of Human understanding and a must read for those who are interested in dealing with the human understanding.
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