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Book Name : Attacking poverty in the developing world
Author Name : Judith M.Dean
Publisher Name : Authentic and World Vision
Review : "Attacking Poverty in the developing world" is an authentic work by Judith M.Dean.The book talks about the critical drawback of the developing world i.e poverty.Poverty has become a global problem now a days.No soar steps are taken to eradicate it.The core reasons behind this not tame poverty is corruption,illiteracy,no accurate knowledge to commence any work.They possess only physical asset like land and few human assets like skills,education that too some of them,intelligence,health.The author says,due to elegance of God,people offer them something when they feel pity or have mercy on them.The poor lack protection from corruption.Already they are backward,but this menace of corruption totally leads to make them backward.Poor they have little to sustain and they live with few physical and human assets.Many economic researchers find ways and measures to eradicate this global problem of poverty,but are yet unsuccessful even to reduce it.Moreover natural calamities like flood,drought,earthquakes affect them to a high level.For them the source of income is in danger when they have to face all such disasters.This also result into their dire poverty.This book elaborates the causes of this global problem and motivates to come forward to eradicate this menace.
User Name : Lata
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Book Solution : This book will help to eradicate poverty,if people realize their duties towards the nation and the world.
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